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EU Review on half of Episode 23
April 16, 2009

Elanne gave Ron her 2nd Book which had her signature on it!

Ron finally admits that he is the 幸運王子♥ to Elanne...They're finally together!!

Elanne stayed at Ron's place for a night and he told her not to tell Michael that they're dating since Ron is scared that Michael might think that he is using her daughter to climb higher.

Michael could tell that they're dating and told Elanne that it was okay to date him, Elanne was happy.

Joel wanted to be in Michael position but he wasn't allowed. His dad knew he was going to die so they planned a meeting (Fight) with Michael.

Sammul and his buddies came to sort things out. (Sammul looks so cute in this series!)

Joel took a bag out and said it was a bomb. Sammul doesn't believe it so Joel told him to open it but Sammul told him back. Then there were credits so we don't know if there was a bomb inside or not.

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