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I'm back!
December 21, 2010

Hello my fellow blogger buddies! Did anyone miss me? LOL or have you guys all forgotten me? No worries, I'm back now but not sure if it's for good or not. Just wanted to update my retarded layout and give you guys another feel. A very simple banner i made feat. Bobby and Fung! I really can't wait to watch Men With No Shadows! Hope it's not warehoused or aired in January because i would like Fung to grab the Best Actor Award. Heh.


And yes, i am officially a 100% Raymond Lam fan! You will see my constant entries about him in the future so beware, for anyone who hates Raymond out there!

Still on HIATUS
April 19, 2010

Anyways, im still on HIATUS! I may re-link and yeah...
I'm just not in the mood for blogging since i can't PS! ):

April 01, 2010


closing soon...
March 01, 2010

i think i may close this blog on the 31st of March which is this blog's anni!
I just don't do anymore TVBing. I only do Raymonding. Haha..so yeah, it'll turn into a Raymond Lam blog if i continue to post.
But i just wanted to say that i have finished watching:
Beauty of the Game
A chip of the old Block
Both were very awesome series and i really wanna watch ACOTOB part 2!!
I am currently lagging behind with my:
A watchdog's Tale

February 14, 2010

Oh, and i just realised that MyTVBWorld (yes, a gay name..i wanna think of another one) anniversary is coming up. Well, in 1 and a half months time or so...
Sigh...can't PS so can't celebrate it. Hahas..

Happy Chinese New Year!
February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year of 2010!!! Year of the TIGER! =D

I wish everyone here good health and lots of red pocket!! And i mean, A LOT!
All the best and have a wonderful new year! ROAR! =D


Sorry, have not been blogging much since i haven't been TVBing these days. I have only been Raymond Laming! Hahas..


Yes, i admit...im slow. I have only just started The Beauty of the Game and A Chip of the Old Block. I still haven't finished The Stew of Life yet! Hehhe..

ACOTOB is so hilarious! I'm starting to love Ron now since there was a time when he disappeared and he was moving down my OBSESSED list. Hahas..but he's still not in that list yet. Only one person is in it..ahem, i think you all should know who im talking about right? *coughRLFcough*

Anyways, Ron is so funny in that series. I think im only up to episode 8...damn, he's hot. ^^
I don't think Myolie is that funny...Sunny is ok!
Can't wait to see Ron and Shirley pairing!!!

As for Beauty of the Game, it's ok since i get to see/know more about the entertainment circle!
It's quite funny too since it's kinda TVB related.


I wonder what is airing after Better Half. Crossing my fingers for Growing Through Life!!! WAHH..can't wait for that! BORA <33

Charray Series In May
January 30, 2010

Charray shall be filming a series in MAY!!
Hurray! Charray fans should be very happy!! ^_^

I know, I know..every post in my blog seems to relate to Raymond right? Haha, but i can't help it! HAHAH...;D

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