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Man in Charge 幕後大老爺 would air next Monday in Hong Kong
April 05, 2009

The cast members attended an event to promote the series. Kate and Kenneth wore traditional Chinese bride and groom costumes. When the press asked the pair to kiss for the camera, Kenneth and Kate puckered their lips and pretended to kiss, drawing laughter from all present.

In “Man in Charge,” Kate has numerous martial arts sequences. She hopes that the ratings will break the record of her previous series, “Speech of Silence.” Kenneth also hoped that “Man in Charge” will duplicate the success of “Speech of Silence” which pulled in 30 points in ratings.

Kenneth will be involved in a love triangle with Kate and Leila Tong in “Man in Charge.” He joked that he was a true player. Reporters then asked whether rumored girlfriends, Kate or Nancy Wu possessed better dancing skills. Kenneth did not defend Nancy, "I do not know, both ladies have two different styles. Maybe Kate dances better! (Was this because Kenneth has seen Nancy dance too often?) “I have only seen Nancy dance when we partnered on the dancing program. She doesn’t dance for me to see on a normal basis!"

The theme song will be performed by Kenneth and Matthew Ko. Although Kenneth does not intend to enter the music industry, he does not mind collecting additional income from stage performances or participating in a TVB produced album.

Article Source: Wenweipo
Image Source: xinmin.cn
Credits: JayneStars


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