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June 29, 2009

Yes guys. I am back! The snow was cold but FUN! It took us (Me, Brother, Sis-in-law, mum, sister, brother-in-law, neice + nephew) 5 HOURS to get to Perisher Blue (I hope i spelt it correctly...) xD Anyways...it was a great day! I didn't really capture any photos since my brother was doing it and since my phone suddenly gone retarded and blurry.

I wrote on the snow that 'tvb rules' hahhaa..but it was hard to see. Too white.
I made a hart and a GAY snowman. I saw this really big igloo and i went inside it but i ran back out quickly since i didn't want it to fall on me.

I also went sliding down the mountain covered with snow on my blue toboggan. It was soo much fun but it was VERY tiring to climb back up to the top.

We also had snowball fights and my brother accidently threw a snowball on my face. It stung for a while and turned all red. Hhmn...but overall, it was a FUN day.

Oh yeah, my brother tried to make an igloo but we failed. We left and not so long after, kids were finishing off for us. I'm not sure if they succeeded or not. We also tried to make this BIG snowman but it turned out like..crap. Yes...crap.

Gay hart and gay snowman i made it a few seconds. xD Seriously, it looks really gay but just to prove that i really went, i gotta show it! LMAO! :D The pic is blurry though.

There's more better ones but it's on my bro's camera. Damn...>.<


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