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April 17, 2009

Erica Yuen has evidence that Charmaine and Kevin are dating!

Charmaine and Kevin

Brief Summary: A reporter revealed and said "Tourists in Maldives told me that they saw Charmaine and Kevin together, but didn't have any pictures to prove it. But now Erica's friend bumped into the rumored couple in Maldives and were dating. She even said "When they saw Chinese people walk by they appeared to be very self conscious."

Source: 3Weekly

NOTE: I really hope they do date each other! They really match well...


Joyce teases Derek about his fire magic tricks and what comes around, goes around.

Derek & Joyce

Brief Summary: Yesterday rumored boyfriend Derek Kwok was playing magic tricks in front of her, asked Derek if he's getting better and better with his magic? Joyce heard this and said: "Evil will be rewarded with evil. One time he was doing a magic trick on me with fire and accidentally burnt his eyelashes, luckily didn't hurt me too, or else I will burn him."

Source: On.cc, Takungpao, Mingpao


Bosco and Myolie Wu exposes they often hold hands.

Brief Summary: Rumored couple Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong attended the opening ceremony of "MyTV x MSN" yesterday as a couple. The two seem to have taken for granted about them as a couple, since they made a hand print wax hand in hand. During pictures, Bosco didn't even care and wrapped his arm around his girlfriend's (rumored) waist. He also exposed that he often holds Myolie's hand.


Clip from Youtube:


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