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I got Tagged by Sharon! xD
May 07, 2009

Why did you choose your site’s name?
I don't know..it just came to me!
What is your favorite color combination so far?
Purple and Blue, Green and Pink...and many more!
Who is your favorite Friend online? Why?
Ums..LOTS esp. Annie, Sharon, Mandy, Selina, Jessica, Tracey, Jeanette, Lee + Brian...Heehee and many more!
Who is your favorite chatmate?
I have lots...^ ^
OK, Thanks for Answering! Let’s talk about something personal:
How many girl/boyfriends have you had since birth?
OMG..How can i remember? lOl..
When (age) was your first kiss?
I'll tell you when i know.
So… Let’s talk something about your country.
Where did you come from (country)?
Sydney, Australia
Then what’s the nationality?
What’s the official language?
Cantonese and English
How many languages can you speak? What are they?
English, Cantonese, a little little bit of Mandarin and little of Vietnamese
Are you proud of your country?
I think so?
Hope you learned something from these questions.
OK, last set of questions.

What’s your hairstyle?
What’s your beauty style?
What’s your clothing style?
Anything else you want to say?

I'm gonna tag Annie, Mandy & Jeanette


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