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Beyond the realm of Conscience
April 27, 2009

Tavia and Selena complained about their fake hair being too heavy while Charmaine is enjoying it.

Selena, Charmaine, Tavia

Brief Summary:
The hair decorations weigh about 4 kg. Tavia Yeung expressed, “The most suffering part in this series is the over-weighted hair decorations. Now my head is swollen and every night I have to place ointment on it.”
Selena said, “This is the first time I act as a pregnant woman in an ancient series. This time other than placing fake stomach, I also have to put a bigger fake chest but the most suffering part is to carry the hair decorations. They were so heavy until I would even forget half of my dialogues.”
Charmaine has the lightest hair for now and she expressed, “Now I’m still a palace maid. Therefore, I do not have much hair decorations yet. Later when I become palace concubine, I will put on these types of hair decorations. I’ve already starting to worry that I will have headache during that time.”

Source: Oriental Daily
Credits: Jessie's Blog


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