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The King Of Snooker
May 11, 2009

Woah..can you guys believe that i finished King of Snooker in just a few days! Well...overall, it was alright but i'm just sad that Derek and Joyce didn't end up together...i mean, ISN'T ADAM A BIT TOO OLD FOR JOYCE?! Arghh...but yeah. It was quite boring at some stages since i totally hate Patrick Tang!! Sorry to his fans...
Anyways, i didn't know what to watch since none of the dramas entertain me so i decided to give 'The Greatness of a Hero' a go and it was Ok...Not bad but then i lost interest in it during episode 2 so i decided to put that a side first and watch 'Man in Charge'. It was funny and good so i think i'll keep watching that for now! (:
Also..i finally finished my assignment. Gosh it took long...but i have the Naplan test tmrw! Geez...i hate school especially ENGLISH! Arghh..stupish teacher. >.<

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