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Shall we State the Case!
July 19, 2009

Shall we state the case has finally done its costume fitting and YAY!! I finally see FUNGYI and KB! ^^ Woot Woot! I cant wait for this series...Muahahhaa!

Costume Fitting Clip

Lau Ka Ho

Modern Drama (Law Enforcement. Detective/Investigation/Cases. Mystery. Romantic Relationships)

Filming Length:
July - September/October

Main Cast:
Raymond Lam
Tavia Yeung
Kenneth Ma
Bernice Liu

Character Description: by hyn5 @ hyn5-hyn5.blogspot
- Lisa S. will play Kenneth's Caucasian girlfriend. He will also teach her how to play mah jong.
- Jessie Sum will play Bernice's best friend.
- Fannie Yip will play Kenneth's schoolmate from university.
- Mandy Lam's character will be hired by Kenneth. She'll be responsible for authorizing vacation time. Kenneth will use his time off to pursue girls.
- Doris Chow will play Raymond's assistant.
- Yao Bin will play Raymond's Mandarin assistant. He will back stab Raymond.
- Yao Bin's character name will be Kwok Yue Yan (in Cantonese, it sounds like "Mandarin Person").

Tsui Family

Law Lok Lam, Fung So Boh, Evergreen Mak, Jazz Lam, Tavia Yeung, Ng Wei San, and Lawrence Ng.
- Own a restaurant
- Law Lok Lam will play a retired police officer. Evergreen is not fit enough to be a police, and Jazz is too short to be a police, so Tavia will have to succeed her father's duty as a police officer.

Raymond's Family

Lee Kwok Lun, Mary Hon, and Candy Chiu.
- Rich familyKenneth's GirlfriendsBernice Liu, Lisa S., Fanny Yip, Doris Chow, Mandy Lam, and many more.
- Lisa S: "I'm very happy and honoured to be doing this TV drama, and I'm really happy they found me a boyfriend that's taller than me."
- Raymond was upset that his assistant, Doris, "jumped ship".

Police Department : Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Lee Sing Cheung, Jack Wu, and Lee Kai Kit.
Physic Department : Raymond Lam, Yao Bin, Jones Lee, and Doris Chow.

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