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A Great Way to Care Overview
September 11, 2009

Ah yes...i took a long time finishing this series off and im finally done! =D I had to stay up all night up to 1:30 PM last time to finish this.
And overall, i liked it! Well, not VERY much but it was okay. I gotta say, it's scary but the gross way. It was kinda boring near the beginning but it gets pretty good afterwards. I do recommend it although im not a BIG fan of the cast. Since im not a BIG fan of these people, i'll only give a small review on them! =D Hehehe...
Kate Tsui: I used to hate her but think she's alright now. Her character in here is kind of a very likable person...i think she's the prettiest outta everyone in the whole series. Lols.
Alex Fong: He came back back to TVB again. Well, his character in here was very 'cool' yet sometimes funny! I love watching the friendship between him, Raymond Wong and Cheung Chi Kwong. They just crack me up!
Raymond Wong: Omg..i used to HATE Raymond Wong but i actually like him in AGWTC. He's so dumb and funny in here and looks so nerdy! Hahhas...His character is such a loveable person.
Vivian Yeo: I freakn couldnt recognise her at first! She looks totally different in a fat costume but she was so pretty when she turned back into herself! =D I really like watching her and hope he has more chances of taking bigger roles.

There were lots of interesting and scary investigation and scenes and i really enjoyed those the most as it was really freaky but interesting. =D
I give this a 7 outta 10 since i didnt like the cast much.


So...now, im currently watching Burning Flames 3 and...nothing. ):


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