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Happy Birthday to Tavia and Niki!
August 30, 2009

Just wanted to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tavia and Niki!
Time sure does fly very fast. I still remember Tavia's birthday last year when she was celebrating it with Ron!
Well, i wish them all the BEST of luck this and the following years a head! Both are at their 30ties today! Hahah..getting older. Hhmn...

I got bored to i played around with photoshop. Not good but be patient guys!! Still getting the hang of it...it's so hard! ><
LOL! I made two since i was very bored. Warning that it's gay though...Haiz. And yeah, these are plain ones! D=

OMG! Did it scare the FREAK outta you? Cos i just viewed my page it was right in front of my face! D=

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