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Happy Chinese New Year!
February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year of 2010!!! Year of the TIGER! =D

I wish everyone here good health and lots of red pocket!! And i mean, A LOT!
All the best and have a wonderful new year! ROAR! =D


Sorry, have not been blogging much since i haven't been TVBing these days. I have only been Raymond Laming! Hahas..


Yes, i admit...im slow. I have only just started The Beauty of the Game and A Chip of the Old Block. I still haven't finished The Stew of Life yet! Hehhe..

ACOTOB is so hilarious! I'm starting to love Ron now since there was a time when he disappeared and he was moving down my OBSESSED list. Hahas..but he's still not in that list yet. Only one person is in it..ahem, i think you all should know who im talking about right? *coughRLFcough*

Anyways, Ron is so funny in that series. I think im only up to episode 8...damn, he's hot. ^^
I don't think Myolie is that funny...Sunny is ok!
Can't wait to see Ron and Shirley pairing!!!

As for Beauty of the Game, it's ok since i get to see/know more about the entertainment circle!
It's quite funny too since it's kinda TVB related.


I wonder what is airing after Better Half. Crossing my fingers for Growing Through Life!!! WAHH..can't wait for that! BORA <33

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