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April 20, 2009

Jessica films a falling off the cliff scene bravely in the rain

Brief Summary: Jessica Hsuan, Michael Tao and Joyce Tang were at Lam Tin Quarry Hill filming "The Pearl in the Palm". The scene is about Jessica and Joyce who just escaped from being kidnapped and bumped into Michael on the way. During this time when Jessica escaped, she accidentally slipped and almost fell down the cliff, luckily Michael was there to save her. During filming, Jessica took on the scene herself, even though she had wires to protect her, the weather was not pretty, and suddenly it started raining, making it harder to film.

Linda hasn't slept for 2 days due to hurry of filming a new Drama

Brief Summary: Linda Chung looked tired while attending a event in Gold Coast. Later she said that due to the hurry of filming a new series "The Legend of Pu Songling" she hasn't slept for 2 days. "I haven't slept for 2 days but I'm still very happy. Many colleagues are very nice such as Steven who made Ching Po Leung tea for me." (What was the longest you haven't slept for) "4 days, I havcn't experienced that feeling for a while."


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