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Finished Rosy Business and Greatness of a Hero.
July 21, 2009

Do NOT read if you dont want to get spoiled.
Yippy! I finally finished Greatness of a Hero AND Rosy Business.
Both were great series but i seem to have liked Rosy more since it took me forever to finish Greatness.
Both had Wayne Lai in it and he done an exellent job. I prefer him in Rosy more also...although he was surely scary in Greatness...He is willing to kill his family members just to be the king. Man...shameful of him. I cant believe Sunny dies though. He got stabbed and he died, just like that. It was so instant...unbelieveable. o_O hehes..So in the end, Bernice and Leila ended up with nobody. Weird. Most series has this person with this person but nope. Not in Greatness of a Hero. I give this series a 7/10

On the other hand, i really like Rosy!! Sheren and Wayne done a great job!! I like Ron's nickname 'churng bit chun' ahhahah...so cute. ^^ But i dont like it how he can e paired up with Suki. Eck...not a fan of that couple. Taro would have been much better or maybe Ron and Shirley! Yes! :D I give this series a 9/10

I am now currently watching Just Love 2 and Threshold of a Persona. Ums..i am watching bits and peices of Burning Flames 3 also...

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