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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience 宮心計
October 13, 2009

LOL! Funny how Born Rich and Beyond have only 3 chinese characters for the title...

Yiu Gam Ling (Tavia Yeung) and Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh) were actually a pair of good friends who treated each other as sisters in the Palace. As lowly maids, they received bad treatments. At that time, the Palace has four high-ranked officers, including Si Sin - Food and Beverages Controller Tam Yim Seung (Kara Hui), Si Zhi - Wardrobe Controller Chung Suet Ha (Michelle Yim), Si She - Furnishings Controller Wu So Yan (Rosanna Lui), and Si Zhen - Jewellery Controller Yuen Chui Wan (Susanna Kwan). In order to be promoted into a higher position, the four often fight endlessly. The innocent Yi and Sam Ho became the scapegoat. Regardless of how much suffering she has, Sam Ho persists on her Three Good spirit as a method of surviving. However, Yi who has suffered a lot decides to seek revenge. Once, during serving the Emperor, she surreptitiously seduced the Emperor Lee Yi (Moses Chan) and succeeded in becoming the high-ranked consort (Lai Fei), and the rival of the concubine (Yin Fei) Man Bo Yin (Selena Li). Sam Ho succeeded to gain the highest post of the female officers with her own talents and efforts. When the two held the power simultaneously, their sisterhood starts to break. It turns out that both of them have feelings for the same Palace Guard Go Hin Yeung (Kevin Cheng) at the same time. Yi wanted to punish the four officers, but Sam Ho insisted on repaying trespasses with kindness and insisted on saving the four. Yi used this chance to scheme against Sam Ho...

Palace Scheme - themesong by Susanna Kwan
Download: http://sharebee.com/98c02105

Windmill - subtheme by Charmaine Sheh
Download: http://sharebee.com/02fc090f

ancient, tong dynasty

Moses Chan
Charmaine Sheh
Kevin Cheng
Susanna Kwan
Michelle Yim
Tavia Yeung
Fala Chen
Selena Li
Raymond Wong
Kara Hui


credits to asianfanatics selena's fansource, hyn5

My Personal Thoughts:
I seriously cant wait to watch this!!! Look sooooo good! And if you havent watched the themevideo yet, you shouldd!! Cause it's soo good! Charvin <33>


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