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That was quick!
October 06, 2009

Hi Hi My TVB Buddies! ^^
I am finally back! So...did anyone miss me??
...Oh wells...

So...just to let you know, i finally finished Burning Flames 3. I actually got addicted to it and watched 12 episodes in one day! Phew...what a day. I just spent my whole day staring at a TV starring the handsome Kevin, my cute idol Bosco, WH, Myolie and Ewewew Aimee.

At first, the story was so dreadful, draggy and BORING. *yawn* but afterwards it seemed alright. (well..that was near the end) Yeah but i gotta say, they should really change the name of Burning Flames 3 to Burning Love 3. Haiz...all of the Myolie and Kevin love and shiet are so draggy and BORING!! And i dislike Aimee so the pairing of Aimee and Bosco does not impress me although they are quite funny sometimes. Aimee seriously need to improve on her crying and sobbing actions. =P Sorry but it looks fake!

Ums..im feel really sorry for WH! Why?
Firstly, he lost his love; Myolie Wu
Secondly, he lost his best friend; Kevin Cheng (well..not really lost but you know...)
Thirdly, he lost one of his leg; due to car crash
Fourthly, he lost screentime; die to him not signing tvb contract
Fiftly, he lost his job; as a fireman
Lastly, he nearly lost his life

Wow..isnt that shameful? But it is kinda obvious that KC will be MR PERFECT as the Producer Amy favors him a lot. So people, if you ever see KC in a drama and dont know who the producer is...no need to think twice cause i can bet you that the producer is Amy Wong. ;)

So...Bosco is funny but i hate his hair! It's all gelled back and it looks EW on him although he still looks cute sometimes! I prefer his hair in Dicey Business! I really like watching his relation with his family and his co-workers at the fire station. They are a bunch of funny lads and really fun to watch. Chow Chung and Bosco mummy is so funny! It makes his family look so warm and fun! I envy! :D

Aimee. I TRIED to like her but i FAILED. Sorry, i cant like her...i did give her a chance at the beginning of BF3 to see if i can change my impression towards her and accept that she is going to be paired up with Bosco BUT NO!! I cant...she's just too annoying and i dont like her face! >.<

Myolie is just plain boring. Makes her seem like the goody good girl but it is really HER that makes all the problems. She is the one who made WH lose MOST of what he lost.
IDK but maybe it's cause i dislike Myolie in general already so that's why i hate her even more here. KC should just end up with Bosco! =P =P

My most favourite scene was the last part where it was the biggest fire scene! Oh yeah...to be honest, there was only around 5-10 fire scenes in BF3 out of 32 episodes but all werent big. Sucked. Anyways, yeah..the last part was good but i wanted it to be longer but still good! It was the part that WH died but came back alive! Hahahas...

Recommend to you? Well, why not?! Give it a go! =)

So..i am currently watching DIE Again. It is quite funny...
Btw, i freakn need a NEW banner and layout! =D

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