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A Bride For a Ride Thoughts
October 16, 2009

LOL! I am seriously lagging behind on my dramas! I finally got to finish this in my holidays!
It took me only a few days to finish this though since i stayed up late till 2AM to watch it everynight. So tired now...):
Anyways, i find it alright! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the special episode where they talk and show us the NG clips! So hilarious!! Makes me laugh along too!
And i really like how they show us bits of NG clips when the credits roll up! It's so good! I wish all series were like that!! (=
I was actually really anticipated to watch this series before since SAMMUL was in it! I havent seen him since EU. LOL...it was quite recent but i was happy to see him again since he doesnt have much series! He's cute in this series and funny when he was dressed like a girl! (=
Chin Ka Lok is hilarious sometimes. What is the orangle ball of wool thingy doing besides his head? XD Hahaha...I was actually quite pissed at him in the beginning since he doesnt know who's bad and who's good but he's alright afterwards. I liked it when he dressed up as a girl!
Louisa. I never liked Louisa and i never will. Well, i gave up on Winter Melon Tale because of Her and Sunny! SO BORING....xDD Anyways, that's another story.
Nancy's character was nothing special. She's just this very gentle and slow talking girl that keeps using her hand movements!
Very fresh that Sammul and her ended up together!
THE KING (forgot his name) was hilarious!!! He's so funny! He gets me cracked up all the time!! I cant get enough of him! Hahhaa...
Recommend it? ERhm...i guess soo. But there's no plot towards it! xDD And it's silly so im not sure if you'll like it! (=


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