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TVB 42nd Annieversary
October 24, 2009

Two most awaiting and important notices of TVB, 2009!
TVB also created a blog for it: http://b.tvb.com/42nd/

19th November 2009 - TVB 42nd Gala Night
4th December 2009 - TVB 42nd Awards Ceremony

Yes, the dates seem to be weird right? All because of TVB wanting to include Beyond The Realm of Conscience and Born Rich in the anniversary awards and get the cast nominated as they do not want to wait for next year cause people might forget about this series. Omg...that is so not fair and completely biased! =\

As you can see, I AM BACK TO SCHOOL! ):
So i wont be hanging around here much! I was about to change the layout but i have NO time so sorry! Have to look at my ugly layout for a couple more week!


Watched 2 episodes of Beyond the Realm of Conscience. I found it quite interesting and good! Havent started on Born Rich yet! >.<


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