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Beyond the realm of Conscience
December 18, 2009

Just had the time to finish the series, Beyond The Realm of conscience but i didnt get it to watch it properly since the DVD disc on the last episode was jumpy and it kept stopping and playing which was so annoying. Anyways, i managed to understand a bit of the ending and thought that it was alright. I wouldn't mind a Beyond 2.

Just disappointed that they didn't show much depth in Kevin's return. I wish they expanded and showed us what has happened to him after her feel off. Well, it was obvious that he loss his memory but it was also kind of stupid how he suddenly remembered everything when he heard Charmaine repeat what he had promise. I would rather see Kevin loose his memory even though i just LOVE charvin to the MAX. Oh wells, i am still happy that they are together. Was that the part where the ratings peaked at 50 points? Wow...but yeah, it was sweet!

Another thing was that i am surprised that Tavia didn't get hard punishment. She just turned mentally insane and consider herself as Lau Sam Ho and calling the two new kids Gam Ling and Sam Ho.

I felt sad for Selena for being killed by Tavia since Selena isn't trying to gain anymore power and she stopped competing with Tavia. It was so nasty and cruel for Tavia to make Selena drink the drink so the 7 mths baby would die and even Selena.

Funny how Tavia could just kill Ma Yuen Chi so easily in one go ~


I am halfway through Born Rich. It's goooood but im very surprised that the rating is not as good as i expected.


Want to wish Bosco a belated birthday!! ^_^

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