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NEW banner -coughUGLYcough
December 02, 2009

Okay, i lied. I'm going to be on hiatus in 1-2 more weeks.
MY STUPID NAVIGATIONS ARE RETARDED! Take a look at my UGLY banner! Heehee..it still has the credit thing on it. =.= Oh wells, I'm gonna change it soon...well, hopefully! Bosco's and Raymond's bday are coming up!! ^^ They should really celebrate it together like TARO!
I was about to change my layout since im soooo bored of this but i cant seem to find the layout i wanted to use! ): I have no idea where i saved it and i cant find it again on blogskins. GRRRR....):

Anyways, just heard that Chan Hung Lit died a few days back when he was filming this Off Pedder when he suddenly got a heart attack. That's really sad to hear since he looked so strong and healthy on TVB 42nd GALA! Hhmn...scary.

So...I FINALLY watched Growing Through Life and Mysteries of Love sales clip! SO GOOD! Can't wait for both! Wish both of them could be aired at the same time then it'll be SOOOOO freaken good! I get to see my fungyichak! ^^



If you want to watch the themesong of 'The Chip Of The Old Block' or whatever it's called, go here: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ZKuhCVvnnl8/

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