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TVB 42nd Awards
December 08, 2009

Sorry guys. I'm like...SO OUTDATED on my blog.

The award winners;

Best Actor: Wayne Lai
Top Five: Wayne, Steven, Dayo, Moses & Bosco

I was so shocked when I heard that Bosco got into the top 5...I was shocked yet happy. Glad he got a gold medal. As for the winner, It's WAYNE LAI! Yippy! So happy for him! He finally won the Best Actor award! (:
I thought that Moses character is so plain boring. I know a lot of people like him but i don't think he should win Best Actor. He acts really stiff and boring. Well, for me...
Anyways, there were no BR in the top 5...was quite surprised. I thought Gallen or someone would have made it in but I guess I was wrong.

Best Actress: Sheren Tang
Top 5: Teresa, Charmaine, Tavia, Ada & Sheren

I am really happy that Sheren won the award. I actually don't really mind who wins but i would prefer Sheren since Tavia and Charmaine still has time to get it next year. I bet there's going to be more complaints if Tavia won.

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse
Top 5: Kenneth, Pierre, Elliot & Lee Kwok Lun

Pretty obvious that Laughing Gor will win! To be honest, he was really good in EU and really deserves the award. If it wasn't for him in EU, i don't think it will be that good and entertaining! Congrats to Michael. It was funny when the others told him to take his shirt off when they announced that he won! Haha..

Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse
Top 5: Fala, Susan, Susanna, Michelle & Linda

Erhh...I have to say NO for Fala to win and luckily she didn't. Not that I don't like her but it's her role that I don't like.
Anyways, poor Susanna...she always gets nominated but never can she win an award. I think she has the ability to win it! Hopefully she can get it next year.
Congrats to Susan. I really like her villain roles in RB and BTROC. I think she is a really talented actress and totally deserves this award. Hope to see her in more dramas.

Favourite Male Character: Wayne Lai
Top 5: Michael, Kevin, Wayne, Moses & Dayo

Wayne recieved an award again! Congrats to him again! Althought I dont think the role Chai Gow can be a fave character. I actually thought by looking at the top 5 that Dayo or Michael will win but i guess i predicted it wrong.

Favourite Female Charcter: Tavia Yeung
Top 5: Teresa, Tavia, Charmaine x2, Sheren

I actually thought that Charmaine's Lam Mui Mui will win! I was rooting for her but i guess TVB is TVB and will give it to Tavia, no matter what. I'm still happy that Tavia got it! I guess people can say that Gam Ling is a favourite character...?

Most Improved Actor: Pierre
Top 5: Raymond, Johnson, Jim & Raymond

Not surprised that Pierre won. Again, it was pretty obvious that TVB will give it to him. I was hoping that Raymond Wong will win it but I guess not. Oh wells, Pierre isn't that bad. He was pretty good in RB so i guess he does deserve it whatsoever.

Most Improved Actress: Aimee Chan
Top 5: Aimee, Sharon, Koni, Catherine & Queenie

So disappointed. Aimee Chan? Are you serious? Have you guys watched her acting in BF3? OMG...I can not believe that she can beat Sharon with the award. It's soooo obvious that Sharon is better than her in anyways. Very disappointed and very sad for Sharon. TVB seriously needs to get her promoted.

Best Performance: Tavia Yeung

Never would of guessed it was her but congrats anyways...I think the award is kind of useless. LOL

Lifetime Achievement: RB Producer

Would have never guessed it was him. So sad because whenever i think of his award, i think of Chan ho Lit. He really should have received this award before he passed away.

TVB.Com popularity: Wayne Lai

I thought Tavia or Charmaine would recieve this. Never knew that it would be Wayne.

Best Drama: Rosy Business
Top 5: EU, You're Hired, Burning Flames 3, Rosy Business & Beyond the realm of conscience

Knew it. That guy who handed out the award was correct when he was talking about how the drama also wins if most of the cast from that drama recieves an award. I really like Rosy so i'm fine with the results. But i LOL'ed when i saw the preview of BF3! Hahaha...Shouldn't it be Born Rich instead?

Overall: Fine with the results but just not happy that Aimee won the most improved. Can't believe Wayne won three and Charmaine got in 2 times.

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