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Random News
April 27, 2009

Confirmed News:
Michelle Mai will film another modern series in June after 'Beyond the realm of Conscience'.

"The Queen of The Office is said to be a SITCOM series starring Liza Wang, Ron Ng, Denise Ho, Chapman To, Linda Chung.

Heung Joh is to film Iron Horse.

Heaven and Earth is officially cancelled.

Linda & Wong Hei is in the series with Fungyi

Ron will fall for Linda in 'The Queen of the Office'

Myolie's next series may be a mainland one.

To vote for your favourite couple, click here!
Now i know why there's a upcoming fungyi series...

List of how much a rumoured couples can make:
Kevin Cheng (alone): $50,000
Charmaine Sheh (alone): $60,000
As a couple: $130,000

Moses Chan (alone): $70.000
Bernice Liu (alone): $70,000
As a couple: $180,000

Raymond Lam (alone): $80,000
Linda Chung (alone) $50,000
As a couple: $170,000

Bosco Wong (alone): $60,000
Myolie Wu (alone): $60,000
As a couple: $150,000

NOTE: That's a lot...Now i know that Ms.Lok likes Raymond the most, then Moses and then Bosco since we all should know that those 3 are her favourites.


'Picking Star of Adventure Characters' from Damien Fans.

Raymond character:
A very rich guy but a humble person. Loves his mum very much. Very positive and optimistic and made him loved by the people around him. Even when he got failure in life/business he's still optimistic to stand up again. He first dated Song who was Bosco's ex and later in love with Zhao Ji Kei

Zhao Ji Kei:
Funny, strong, female industrial spy. She has a serious illness but very optimistic about it. Said to be in love with Raymond. Vivien Yeo is her sister.

Desperately hungry for wealth and money. He dated and cheated the girls to get to be a rich person. It is believed that he will marry Toby for her wealth. Dated Vivien Yeo also...


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