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Thoughts about Just Love 2
July 27, 2009

I finished Just Love 2! Yay..it took me really fast compared to Greatness of a Hero.
Overall: I like it. It was funny at times and it was good but i didnt really like the cast in it.
Sunny: He is such a good husband and dad excluding the times when he bumped his head and went all weird. That was funny though...Hahha. Oh and i like the part where he was watching a clip of himself shouting at this woman on a bus and that he always causes trouble! Oh gawd, it was funny as!
Jessica: Boring boring and BORING! Argh..i cant stand her in any series. Her roles are different but the way she portrays the role makes it soo boring.
Benz: hahaha..he is always the 'clown' in all series. He was really funny in here as he makes it more entertaining to watch! I love watching Benz!! :D
Ah B: He is soo cute and adorable! I wasnt him as a lil bro! xD I wonder how old he is...so cute!! (:
Joyce: Man, she is scary near the end. She just turned all mental and crazy and pretended to be Jessica and dressing up the same and ugh!! Freaky. I like watching her though..she done a great job! :D
Johnson: YES YES! He is also another funny one!! I like watching him and Benz! They make the series glow with laughter! Ahem, if i made sense. Anyways, yes...it's funny how he always day dream about getting Joyce! He just cracks me up! Oh and his accent! xD Well, i was actually annoyed with him in the beginning!


Yes, im over with that so now, im watching Burning Flames 3, A Great Way to Care and Threshold of a Persona. Oh and i'm very close of finishing Justice Bao!


Haiz...im gonna go school tmrw! NOOOOOOO....:/


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