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Thought on Threshold of a Persona
August 02, 2009

I finished watching Threshold of a Persona!

Overall: It's good! (: Lots of ppl say that it's boring but i think it's good! Well, not really good but good! (: I still cant believe that Raymond Cho is evil! Noooo...

Roger Kwok: I like watching Roger when he's a baddie more than a goodie. Well, in this series...he's a goodie. His role wasnt really outstanding for me...nothing special. It was so sad to see him searching in the rubbish bags for his ring and when he was crying cos he couldnt find it.

Yoyo Mung: I never liked her from the day i watched her in Heart Of Greed and i still dont like her. I dnt know if it's just me but i find her accent or the way she speaks really annoying. Her voice is just Ugh!! But her role is okay...it's nothing special also. She just follows Roger everywhere he goes and that's it, i guess.

Raymond Cho: OMG! I cant believe that he's bad! ): I like watching Raymond in here...Hahhaa but i cant believe he pushed Claire down the building. (The stupid story didnt show us how it happened) He just turned soo mean near the end! ): He also made Power Chan in a coma...bad bad boy even though i think he didnt mean to do put him in a coma. He should of died. Roger should of just let him shoot himself but oh wells. That's how the story goes.

Claire Yiu: She died! Omg..so sad. She shouldnt have said anything when she gave Raymond the disc. She should of shutted up and just let him walk away but NO. She had to say "Go and find Roger (LOL, i watched the whole series but i forgotten Roger's name) for help" making Raymond reverse and ending up killing her. It was kinda sad at first when she had to leave because Roger's mum told her to. It was soo sad...

I cant be bothered to write more so i'll stop here.
I am now watching Burning Flames 3, A Great Way to Care and still trying to finish off Justice Bao. Btw, A great way to care has lots of ppl that are in Threshold of a persona.


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