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I'm Back
December 29, 2009

Just been back from Fiji and i haven't been TVBing for a long time so there's not much to update here! Oh yeah, i still need to change the icons on my post!

Would like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! (:

Just heard about the Amigo incident yesterday and it got me shocked. I would have never thought that Amigo would do such a thing. I guess you could say that he is a player but hitting a woman? WOAH ~
He lost all his job and is 'suspended' by TVB; Stephan Chan. @___@

Finished Born Rich a couple of weeks ago. It was boring at the start, then good and then draggy at the end. I was rooting for GallenxAnita instead of Joe; maybe because i dislike joe! ^^
So sad that Kenix had to die ~
I don't like Connie...i never liked her in any series for some reason.
I don't really have anything to say about this series since i didn't really pay any attention to it.
Oh wait, i LOVE Sharon and Kenneth! <333 They make such a CUTE couple and i LOVE Kenneth. He's so cute and funny in BR! ^^

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