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Raymond Lam Lets Get Wet Concert DVD
August 04, 2009

OMG...i forgot to post this WONDERFUL news up!! Guess what? His concert DVD is finally out! WOOYEAH! Hahaha! Heard that there are lots of versions to choose from but YAYS! I cant believe it's finally out. Oh man, i really want one!!! I want the on with the 4-Disc Special Edition Bundle that comes with the 2-CD Live Concert Album, 2-DVD Live Karaoke, and an 84-page photobook. Omg...i would scream for as long as i can if i get my hands on that.

Click here to order it online! (: Oh and i also heard that the limited addition DVD set is out of stock! Waaaaa...so fast!

Btw, Raymond = Hot! Hot! Hot! xD

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