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Reunion Costume Fitting
January 13, 2010

Reunion had its costume fitting on the 11th of JAN.


Modern Drama

Roger Kwok
Ron Ng
Sunny Chan
Kate Tsui
Toby Leung
Lau Siu Ming
Florence Kwok
Derek Kwok
Him Law
Benz Hui

This seems like HOG and MR, don't you think? The plot and story seems really the same. The title is such a big give-away. LOL, REUNION so it's going to be obvious that in the end, they will re-unit. Hahas...
But i will still be looking forward to this series because i love them type of series. I think that the female cast is quite weak while the male cast is okay. For me, i haven't seem Ron for a long time. Hahha, yes...he's in the Chip series but i haven't watched it yet!

Season of fate's official poster

Not looking forward to this series. I'm not a big fan of esther kawn either so yeah...
Looks like a PASS for me but i'll see...i may change my mind and watch it! Haha

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