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JSG Awards
January 18, 2010


Top 10 Song Awards
1. Sherman Chung - A Letter To Myself 給自己的信
2. Joey Yung - My Own Book of Legends 搜神記
3. Raymond Lam - If the Times Comes 如果時間來到
4. Denise Ho - The Diamond Sutra 金剛經
5. Leo Ku - Earth is Dangerous 地球很危險
6. Kary Ng - Here We Are
7. Charlene Choi - Two Without One 二缺一
8. Stephanie Cheng - Borrow 借
9. Miriam Yeung - Actually I Am Very Happy 原來過得很快樂
10. Joey Yung - With Songs & Tears 可歌可泣

Best Male Singer
Leo Ku

Most Popular Asia Pacific Hong Kong Male Singer
Raymond Lam

Best Female Singer
Miriam Yeung

Most Popular Asia Pacific Hong Kong Female Singer
Joey Yung

Best Newcomer
Gold: Kate Tsui 徐子珊
Silver: Jonathon Wong 王梓軒
Bronze: Cilla Lok 樂瞳

Newcomer Impact Award
Chita 餘翠芝

Best Composition: Mark Lui (Even if the World has no Fairytales 就算世界無童話) Sung by: Janice Vidal

Best Lyricist: Sandy Chang (If the Times Comes 如果時間來到) Sung by: Raymond Lam

Best Arrangement: Johnny Yim (If the Times Comes 如果時間來到) Sung by: Raymond Lam

Best Song Producer: Mark Lui (Where Did U Go?) Sung by: G.E.M

2009 Outstanding Performer Award
Gold: G.E.M
Silver: Charlene Choi
Bronze: Linda Chung

Best Group
Gold: Rubberband
Silver: Fama
Bronze: Hotcha

Best Duet Song Award
Gold: Vincy Chan/Hai Ming Wei - My Memory Isn't Mine 我的回憶不是我的
Silver: Myolie Wu/Chilam Cheung -A Clean Break 一刀了斷
Bronze: Phillip Wei/Linda Chung - Love Hurts 戀愛令人心痛

Best Stage Performance Award

Best Songwriter Singer Award
Gold: Ivana Wong - Moon Says 月亮說
Silver: Justin Lo
Bronze: Pong Nam

Best Mandarin Song Award
Gold: Gary Cao - Mister Lonely 寂寞先生
Silver: Joey Yung- Is This Love? 這就是愛嗎
Bronze: Raymond Lam/Vincy Chan - After Tommorow 明天以後

Best Revision Song Award
Gold: Sherman Chung- A Letter To Myself 給自己的信
Silver: Joey Yung - Open Happiness Up 開動快樂
Bronze: William Chan - Today I Finally Know I'm Wrong 今天終於知道錯

Best Commercial Song Award
Joey Yung - Double Champion 雙冠軍

4 Stations Best Song Award
Leo Ku - Earth is Dangerous 地球很危險

Gold Song Gold Award
Joey Yung - My Own Book of Legends 搜神記

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W44QXC8L
Sreaming: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/9DJ_neg7rdI/

My Thoughts:
Firstly, i would like to say "CONGRATULATIONS TO RAYMOND!" simply because i'm a hardcore fan of him! Hahas..
I'm sooooo proud that he won 3 awards!
- 3rd for the top 10 golden songs (if the time comes)
- bronze for the best mandarin song award with (along with vincy)
- most popular asia-pacific male singer

The first award was funny when they told Michael Tse to hold the winner's hand and bring him/her on the stage. Haha, he held fung's hand again which reminded people of the time where they both held hands when singing a duet at Raymond's concert!
With the second award, it was funny how he was waiting for vincy with his hand reaching to her but since his hand was in front of Leo, Leo pretended to hold it! Haha, it was so funny! (;
He was so emotional when he received the last award! He was speechless and you could tell that he couldn't believe that he will win it! He didn't even prepare a lil speech that he had to come on stage, speechless! It was funny that Miriam gave him an encouragement and shouted 'Fung, you are so handsome!'

There was also two more awards but it didn't belong to him, it belonged to the people who composed his songs..ect. They did thank him of course! (;

I can't believe Joey won 7 awards!! That's just so shocking but wow, congrats to her! She must be very lucky! Leo won Best Male Singer which was pretty reasonable. It was obvious! I didn't expect Raymond to win it since there would be lots of complaints and i don't think it's the right time for him to win it so yeah! I hope he will one day!

Miriam won most popular asia-pacific female and she had a lot more confident that Raymond! Congrats to her!

Kate won GOLD for Best Newcomer! She done a live singing and dancing but her voice seems to be up and down. She still needs more improvement but congrats to her anyways!

There was a funny part where Chilam had to make a speech since he won a duet with Myolie. He said "Thank you Bosco for not being Jealous!" AHHAHA, that was funny! It got me laughing badly! LOOOL.

Yeah, i cbb on commenting others since i didn't pay much attention to them! Hehhee! Only Ah Fung! ^^

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