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88 Fund Raising Campaign
August 18, 2009

I freaken saw Ah Fung on the TVBS channel!! Waah. It is actually my FIRST time seeing him on TV and on LIVE! Waaah.
At first, i didnt know that he will attend until i saw his fan club members holding his name. You know the signs that say FUNG on it?! Yeah, that.
I was so shocked! I thought i was seeing thing. Hahhaa...
And then, they viewed the audience again and i saw his name clearly on the signs! I went kinda hyped at that stage...
Okay, then the MC guy said something about 'next, we will have our 6 siu sungs' and then he said out the name, 'lam fung' and i went crazy! LOL! I fully screamed and jumped up!
My dad was there too and since he didnt know who ah Fung was, he was asking 'huh? who is he?' and he was trying to guess who i was so hyped about. He guessed it right! hahah...
Yes, and i saw him sing the song 'peng you' along with Michael, Roger, Moses, Ron and Louis. He was standing in the middle with a white tee and jeans and looking sooo cute!
OMG_G..hahah! (:
Oh and there was this part where they went in a group and had to sing a song. Fung was standing behind Sharon and Sharon who is so tall was blocking all of Fung. Cos the camera was right in front of Fung and Sharon but Sharon blocked 3/4 of him! hahaha!!
I still cant believe it!! It was soo lucky that i watched that channel!
He is soo nice to take off time and go there to sing a song and support the people in Taiwan! :D
There were some people who said he had a solo but i didnt seem to have seen it. Oh wells, i hope he has! heheh...


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