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I got Raymond's DVD concert!!
August 17, 2009

Yeah, you heard me...i finally got Fung's concert DVD! Hahhaa...

BUHT, it's only the DVD version! ): Boohoo...not the whole edition thing with both the CD and DVD and photobook. ):<
Buht yeah...HAhA! I watched it like...3 times yesterday! It was awesome...so clear and so bright compared to watching it on net..

Ums...anyways, Fung is gonna start his 4th album this year and Bosco is currently starting his 2nd album! Wooyeah, i hope Fung comes to Australia soon!!
Oh and i heard that Moses and Linda might come to Australia for the TVB Jade Carnival or some crap. Ahhh..why is Moses coming AGAIN?! T__T

Some gay, blurry pictures. xD


Currently watching Burning Flames 3 and A great Way to Care.
I freaken finally finish watching Justice Bao!!! Yippy!!! :D
It was alright although some of the cantonese is so hard to understand. T___T
There was only around 3 TVB actors : Benny Chan (: Eric Suen and this other guy.

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