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New Banner
August 22, 2009

Yes yes...i know. Ron's face looks retarded. Sigh...

Oh wells..i'm just gonna put this up for only a few days-weeks since it's a really GAY banner, i made in just a few hours.
It's not as nice as Surina's graphics but i do not want to bother her too much so i decided to make a crappy one...
LOL..this is soo embarressing when compared to
Sharon's one. Her TARO looks so professionally made. Hahhaa...
Oh and please give me some recommendations for the cbox. It seems to look REALLY weird. I will change it soon.
And yes, i will be changing the banner soon also into another person. Hhhmn..maybe Raymond again. Not sure...hehehe. Yes yes...i know it's always Raymond but that's life. (:

Oh yes and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARO! (: They are gonna have a Bday party tmrw. Hopefully i can get some vids and photos to post here tmrw! ^__^ Have FUN TARO!

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